Addiction does not discriminate

Despite being around for a very long time, alcoholism is a disease that many people still do not fully understand.

Addiction: A Disease That Does Not Discriminate, Part I

I thought my brothers and sisters grew up making good choices and learning what not to do from watching me, but on January 29,two weeks shy of my one year sober mark, my year-old sister died of an accidental overdose on prescription pain medications.

His mother that still feels the void of losing her oldest son that she brought into this world; her blue-eyed angel that stole her heart the day he was born, just as he stole my heart at that high school football game in I tried to help him for years.

Talk to your friends and family. We offer safe, on-site detox services for those who need them. We had absolutely no idea that she was into any drug use at all. These misconceptions may lead some people to believe that only certain types of people can suffer from alcoholism or that alcoholism is somehow a choice or a lack of self control or good decision making.

When that happens, their lives will suddenly be unrecognizable to them. Since other professionals have been right where you are, no one will judge your choices or your experiences.

Even these neurological tendencies can struggle quite a bit from addict to addict. In fifth grade I wrote an essay on why not to use drugs and won second place, received a medal and a special lunch and read my essay in front of the whole school.

His on and off again girlfriend that he dated after me. He broke down in tears and confessed that he had made a mistake.

Suddenly, the updates were less often and eventually he stopped updating me. We are suited for licensed professionals such as entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, airline pilots and executives.

He was gaining weight that heroin had taken away. My addictive behavior was still front and center. He was angry, irritable, and his moods were constantly up and down. A choice and a mistake. I never had the slightest urge or interest.

Until I read a post that his younger cousin wrote today, on the 6th anniversary of his passing. Alcoholism May Begin at Any Age A person may begin to suffer from alcoholism at a wide variety of ages.

I was not subjected to abuse of any kind. Attorneys are notorious for working up to 60 hours a week, and being a workaholic is one of the most reliable predictors of addiction. If I had been, I would have been gone forever, and my mom would have lost two of her daughters this year.

In writing this piece, I wanted to respect his family and childhood best friends that he lost touch with. The Many Causes of Addiction There are many reasons a person may suffer from addiction, and no two addicts are the same. I see posts from the people he used to hang around with.May 02,  · Alcoholism Does Not Discriminate Alcoholism is a serious disease that effects millions of people.

Addiction Does Not Discriminate

Alcoholism, like all forms of addiction, is a complicated disease, and each person who suffers from this illness requires slightly different mi-centre.comr: Bishop Robert Gooden. Addiction does not discriminate.

It takes its causalities wherever it can and its reach is as broad as any illness we know. The only requirement for vulnerability. Addiction is an insidious disease that does not discriminate.

Intelligent, respected professionals from good backgrounds are just as susceptible as anyone else. Perhaps your addiction may trace back to that one extra drink at happy hour. Hotlines, Helplines and Resources *New Resource Line Added+.

Prevention Resources +. Advocacy +.

Orange County Rehab for Professionals

Since heroin does not discriminate, anyone can be subject to a heroin addiction and a life of despair. At Morningside Recovery in Orange County, CA, we have the programs to get you clean and stay that way. Call for a way out.

addiction does not discriminate. Many professionals, as well as women and men from all walks of life and socioeconomic status, are addicts and alcoholics. It is newsworthy when a religious leader is involved in such a situation, but it occurs all too often.

Addiction does not discriminate
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