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The main aim of arming pilots is to make sure that they are the mainly authoritative people on board of the aircraft and this can really act to protect all the passengers in case of any danger. Given the trends mentioned above and the obvious vulnerability that airline passengers and crew are exposed to whenever they are in mid-flight, it is imperative that some kind of armor be carried on board airlines to be used for defense against possible attacks by terrorists Faludi, The armaments do not need to be the categories that are extremely explosive, for instance, like common firearms, as they can actually intensify the danger within the airline, thus, bringing even more jeopardy to other passengers Dougherty, All I am asking for is a fighting chance to save my passengers, crew, aircraft and people on the ground from a psycho or terrorist.

There remain, then, only the pilots to be armed. People think that Donnelly, 1 a few bullet holes in the plane will make something happen Arming airline pilots essay cause the plane to go down.

Bearing in mind the security threats that Americans and their interests all over the world are faced with, it is imperative that deliberate federal measures in terms of appropriate legislation be put in place to enhance the security of people while travelling Shane, Given that the government has vowed to win this war on terror, it ought to ensure that it closes all loopholes even as it goes on the offensive Faludi, Furthermore, such devices cannot bring out depressurization troubles inside the airline and, hence, can be securely utilized, while the craft is in mid-air to fight against any potential terrorists.

Moreover, its true to conclude that really anything inside the airliner can be turned into a weapon; for instance, a soda can, a seat strap, even a mere beverage cart, thus, much considerations have to be done with the aim of allowing pilots to be armed while in transit Arming Pilots against Terrorism, n.

Such a move can go a long way in reducing security threats to the country and its people. Although most terrorist attacks where a result of people wanting money or something to change in their country, but on September 11th the only goal that the terrorists had was to murder as many people as they could.

Airlines have experienced explosions on planes without it crashing what will a few bullet holes do? We need to train and arm our pilots to ensure our safety on an airplane.

America as a country, its citizens all over the world together with their interests have had numerous security threats across the globe; therefore, it is actually very important that premeditated federal procedures in terms of proper legislation are put in place to improve the safety of people whilst travelling all over the world Elias, n.

This statistic also shows how the use of a firearm does not always bring the best case scenario. It means that other security checks for airlines are likely to fail at any time and Arming airline pilots essay only way to protect passengers in mid-flight is to have pilots armed.

This incident reveals that even though security measures and policies have been put in place to screen and make early detection of such teerrorists trying to aboard the airliners, these security checks have a high probability of failing to detect them, thus, failing at any time, therefore, the only absolute means to guard passengers, while having the pilots armed throughout the journey.

Tell us what you need to have done now! Presented with the likely trends pointed out above and the apparent susceptibility that airline crew and passengers are exposed to at whatever time they are flying in the mid-air, it is of the essence that some sort of protective covering be passed on board aircrafts, so that they are employed as defense tools against any potential attacks by terror affiliated individuals Faludi, However, given the choice, most would choose a stray bullet to one passenger over the tragic deaths of thousands.

The use of a locked cabin door and on-board air marshals seems like enough security. This happening has to truly serve as a very last caution to those divergent to the act of arming pilots, since it had those explosive devices exploded, then one would be talking of losing more lives due to mistakes that, otherwise, could have been avoided longtime ago.

Submit Never the best case scenario. To prosper, it has to have superior security in all avenues ranging from society, private corporations, governmental bodies, and this also includes the transport sector, which sees massive movement of people within the country, as well as across borders.

Americans are expected to get on an airplane and feel safe and protected, but all that has happened on airplanes in the past ten years has left us fearful. Moreover what made issues even worse was that, even though the terrorist was actually blacklisted by the authorities as not creditable, permitting on board any aircraft, he, nevertheless, managed to beat the odds and get aboard the craft legally Carafano, The destruction of navigation systems or even control systems as a result of an accidental discharge or and other situation can result in the malfunction of the plane which would ultimately cause it to crash.

Thus, there remains the thought that only pilots should be armed while in mid-air. Honestly, this is a very legitimate point. But, a pilot with a gun is no more dangerous than a pilot with a plane full of passengers, flying through the air.

Americans safety aboard airplanes should be of the upmost importance.

Should Airline Pilots Be Armed

Thousands of human lives were lost in the World Trade Center and Pentagon, millions of dollars, too. Numerous measures such as baggage checks, identity checks, the presence of Sky Marshals on board and so on were proposed by airline companies, pilots, and security experts.

Numerous solutions were brought forth which included a very contentious subject of arming the cockpit crews with firearms. Instead, there could be some special form of armor which only explodes when it comes under intense pressure.

If the pilots had a gun, the hijackers could ambush the pilots when they came out of the cockpit and the hijackers would end up having the guns and the passengers would be defenseless.

Therefore, airlines travelling to and coming from countries like Lebanon, UAE, Iran, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and many other nations with a high Muslim population are so much a threat to American airlines as they are to its troops in Iraq and elsewhere in the world Carafano, After that dreadful attack, many terrorist-related incidents have occurred, further exposing the nation to much danger.

In an information letter to the Senate Gerald Dillingham, Director of Physical Infrastructure Issues, stated that even trained law enforcement officers only have a hit ratio of 18 to 22 percent in armed confrontation 6.

Islamic militants in North Africa and the Middle East, as well as their dispersed sympathizers in different places, are running around the timepiece to make sure that they are being violent to the U. Many of these measures are being implemented.

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The planes cockpits already come equipped with crash axes, which could be used as weapons. In fact the mere knowledge by would-be hijackers and terrorists that pilots are armed would in itself deter them from making daring attacks as has been witnessed in past incidents Faludi, Well that is the exact circumstance that we all have the chance of facing on a plane.2 GAOR Information on Arming Pilots on the results of our work.

This report summarizes the information we provided at that time. To obtain the information you requested, we analyzed a docket of over 7, comments. Free Essay: Becoming an Airline Pilot If you have a love for the sky and aviation is one of your interests, you're not deterred from being in charge of at Home Page; Writing; Becoming an Airline Pilot Essay; Becoming an Airline Pilot Essay.

Arming Pilots Essay Words | 6 Pages. Arming Airline Pilots essaysArming Airline Pilots: A Good Solution to a Bad Problem Following September 11th, the nation began questioning the safety of the crew and passengers aboard it's airlines flights.

Many solutions were proposed, including the very controversial issue of arming coc. Arming pilots would also aid airlines in recovering from the economic downfall that has plagued the industry since the attacks.

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Little University Of Phoenix COM/ 12/10/13 Marsha Dennis Introduction Arming the transportation security administrator (T.S.A.) should be a solution after the shooting that took place and Los Angeles International Airport.

arming airline pilots On the subject of airline safety, I feel that the consideration of guns being carried by pilots is astoundingly important.

Arming Pilots

There has been much controversy as to whether pilots should be allowed to carry guns in the cockpit.

Arming airline pilots essay
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