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I idea about the gold dating back to 10t The place needs an hour to two hours and are sufficient. The exhibition culminates with People Power, a multimedia presentation that chronicles the events that led to the First EDSA People Power Revolution inincluding the tumultuous s, the riotous martial law years, and the restoration of Philippine democracy by a new kind of uprising.

It was formally dedicated at the th anniversary of the Ayala Corporation on September 28, The exhibition highlights major events and themes from prehistoric times to the recognition of Philippine independence by the United States in This museum is very m Artifacts such as tobaccoscigar holders, and other paraphernalia are shown in the exhibit.

Similarities in form and iconography with artifacts of other Southeast Asian cultures affirm regional affinities and interests.

Images of Nation shows the works of the national artists for visual arts of the Philippines while, New Frontiers features the work of contemporary artists. I especially like the dioramas which are very detailed.

I spent two hours without the visit of the third floor. Connected to and less shopping also. But also an amazing collection of ancient Asian pottery from China, Thailand, and Vietnam!

Wide range of ceramics is also there but no photos allowed to take same with the paintings by well known artist Zobel. LOL and only does it have a lovely collection of Filipino history and artifacts. The collection includes rare, embroidered silk trousers or sayasaya worn by Philippine elite men, formerly known only through 19th-century watercolor images.

I really enjoyed the time I spent there. Locsin Partners, led by Leandro Y. Many of the precious objects were recovered in association with 10th- to 13th-century Chinese export ceramics.

They give a very good graphic idea of how it was or could have been which make the visit fun and entertaining, also for kids.

Good to visit this place for us to be knowledgeable. They always showcase something new and interesting and their art collection is very well curated. Well worth the trip and admission. Adornments of elite individuals and their deities include an array of golden sashes, necklaces, earrings and finger rings, bracelets, and anklets.

Learnt a lot about the country and fascinating to see the Gold exhibition.

Ayala Museum, Makati: Address, Phone Number, Ayala Museum Reviews: 5/5

Furthermore, paintings by Fernando Amorsolo and books written by Jaime Gil de Biedma and other biographers are on display.

The first floor holds the small collection of a bank. All works of Zobel highlights pure non-objectivism and abstract art. Maps of huge tobacco plantations chiefly in Luzon are also displayed, including photos of the factory before and after being bombed during the Japanese occupation.heads up: free exhibit on the history of philippine cinema at ayala museum, greenbelt 3!

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Ayala Museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 9AM to 6PM. Its library facility, Filipinas Heritage Library, is open from Tuesday to Saturday with the same operating schedule.

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Admission Fees AS OF 2 MARCH, Full Access provides admission to main galleries and all exhibitions currently on view. Changing Exhibits Only Passes. This website contains general information on Ayala Museum and its current exhibitions and programs. Please visit us on Facebook and Twitter for our latest news and updates.

Ayala Museum

Thank you very much. Sep 09,  · The Ayala Museum is centrally located right square in the middle of Makati. This is a good museum with an excellent book store. Very informative for both Filipinos and foreigners alike/5(). This gleaming museum features four floors of superbly curated exhibits on Filipino culture, art and history.

At the heart of the collection is a brilliant exhibit consisting of 60 dioramas that succinctly, yet effectively, trace the nation’s history, which kids will also love. The indigenous textil. Sep 05,  · The Ayala Museum is centrally located right square in the middle of Makati.

This is a good museum with an excellent book store. Very informative for both Filipinos and foreigners alike/5().

Ayala museum visit
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