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They do all kinds of best buddy activities in their off-duty hours. Now this kind of love is the jacket that clothes the other loves that we may enjoy them. We begin to change from natural to supernatural. On the other, her characterization is defined by the absence of eros: Yuri Katsuki skates his short program to an arrangement called "Eros" of a piece called "On Love" and is encouraged to do a sexy routine that seduces the audience.

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But they must fall in order, lest we treat them as a means and not an end. Take your pick at this with practically any good character in One Piece.

Teenage islander Isma never knew her mother, who according to her father was a mermaid, and lost him to an accident a few years ago. Rickert also joins their family through apprenticeship and adoption, such that Erica says that she will follow him no matter what: Sonic Heroes Four loves about the teamwork of three friends.

It is the kind of love we are commanded to have for one another. Sadly, her husband cares more for her "chastity" than her actual personality and feelings. Storge is the joy in seeing Les Miseribles. It is not then a shallow love, but rich in emotion and feeling, like when your heart beams towards your child when they do something wonderful.

Perhaps we just get lazy? Often dutiful, sometimes unfeeling, but very strong none the less. However, we should note that Eros plays only one part of this particular book and, as Lewis demonstrates, love is much, much more than erotic love.

It is a love that may pull you towards a lesser path. She is desperate for affection to the point of mental instability. This includes what Lewis calls companionship; that is gregariousness of the kind which is found in a Good-Guy Bar or Local Hangout ; as well as friendship proper which is between Heterosexual Life-PartnersPlatonic Life-Partners and the like but often starts as companionship.

This love is also what breaks the curse in the end, which triggered some accusations that the movie copies Frozen, even though it is more about parental love, not sisterly love, and the characters are not even blood-relatives. He would never have picked someone like her under normal circumstances, but now if anyone threatens his Katerina, they better watch out.

Likings and preferences for food, activities, etc are also discussed especially as you can admire an object like a painting for instance just as you can admire a person. Liking this play can be a sort of this love. Lewis goes on to say, "to the Ancients, Friendship seemed the happiest and most fully human of all loves; the crown of life and the school of virtue.

Sheridan and Delenn in Babylon 5. Although struggling with problems, especially between Stanford and Stanley in the past, these only made their storge between all four members stronger.

Four Kinds of Love; Eros, Agape, Phileo & Storge

Lewis in his The Four Loves: Hudson is a Parental Substitute and John is, in a way, like a brother to Sherlock, and vice versa.The Four Loves.

This is a short book summary of CS Lewis’s classic, the Four Loves. The four loves come from the Greek who use four words to describe what we use one for. A study of The Four Loves divides very easily into a two-part discussion, or even a four-part one if you wish to look at each love separately and/or to incorporate questions raised by the introduction, and the chapter on sub human loves as well.

The Four Loves is a book by C. S. Lewis which explores the nature of love from a Christian and philosophical perspective through thought experiments.

CS Lewis’s The Four Loves–a humble summary

The book was based on /5. Aug 09,  · The Greeks had four words to describe what we call love, Eros, (romantic love), Phileo, (enjoyment, fondness, friendship), Storge (family loyalty) and Agape (unconditional love with stick-ability).

The Four Loves

The Greek language distinguishes at least four different ways as to how the word love is used. Ancient Greek has four distinct words for love: agápe, éros, philía, and mi-centre.comr, as with other languages, it has been difficult to separate the meanings of these words when used outside their respective contexts.

Greek words for love

'The Four Loves' teaches you so much about the nature of the different types of love (Affection, Friendship, Eros, Charity). Some of the loves are intertwined with each other, however, you will soon be able to distinguish one from another/5(31).

Four loves
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