Hazards threatening the city of los angeles essay

A vicinity are short and seasonal, they can transport huge volumes of water and material during floods. In Februaryduring an El Nino event, eight people died and of cars and caravans were swept out to sea. Residents often believe that they are being targeted for this bad treatment because they are from racial minorities and this creates friction between them and the police especially after allegations of heavy-handed policing.

The land which is flooded is economically very valuable and therefore the state government has launched a number of schemes to reduce the risk. The danger posed by these riots and the possible damage to property as in the Rodney King riots are also major hazards.

Los Angeles is well known for being earthquake prone. Disease Due to L. The attitude of people living in Los Angeles is one of indifference to the threat and that it will not affect them in their lifetime. A area in the case of a quake.

More essays like this: For flu, the outlook is to vaccinate only those most at risk such as the young and elderly. The city government has a number of systems in place to try and cope with the police, fire and health problems created by a large earthquake, and have drawn up action plans.

There are also a number of hazards in the human environment. A is very susceptible to drought. As they are so sudden and not easy to predict, there is also a danger to the human inhabitants.

Los Angeles: An Area of Multiple Hazards Essay Sample

New regulations have been recently introduced to reduce pollution. All new high rise buildings are also now resistant. This is often the case when it comes to dealing with the local city authorities and city mayor. The pollution consists of nitrogen oxides, ozone, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons and various other gases, brush fires can add even more pollution to the atmosphere.

The smog that occurs is a result of a combination of a number of factors. The most recent of 11 earthquakes in total to have affected LA since occurred in Januarywith its focus found in the Northridge area.Essay Emergency Management The roles of information systems in emergency response system and how the individual would use it.

In emergency response management the basic network involves receiving information and then the mobilization of the necessary emergency services and first responders to the disaster area.

Los Angeles is a large city with a population of over 13 million people. It is situated in the U.S. state of California, on the western pacific coast of the United States. Los Angeles is well known for being earthquake prone.

Major earthquakes in the greater Los Angeles area or in the midwestern New Madrid Seismic Zone, which are only a matter of time, could generate thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of injuries, and tens of billions of dollars in economic losses.


Council File No. Relates to Natural Hazards, Not Police Matters Replaces the Safety, Seismic Safety and life threatening situations and safety needs of the population; maintaining and reestablishing essen.

Hazards Threatening the City of Los Angeles Essay Sample. LA is built upon a mass of faults in the Earth’s crust.

Hazards Threatening the City of Los Angeles Essay Sample

These include: the Santa Monica fault, the San Fernando fault, the Santa Barbara fault, and of course, the infamous San Andreas fault, which is a conservative plate boundary. Hazards Associated Earthquakes in Los Angeles The common disasters associated with earthquakes include the disruption of public, social and business activities, as well as destruction of property, and in serious cases, loss of life.

Hazards threatening the city of los angeles essay
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