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Pick Your Ripper click to play it. The Case of The Whitechapel Murderer click to play it. Several minor bruises and cuts were found on the body, discovered in Castle Alley, Whitechapel.

James Thomas Sadler was seen earlier with her and was arrested by the police, charged with her murder, and briefly thought to be the Ripper. There is no standard answer to this question, unfortunately. If he just wanted to kill Mary Ann Nichols, why did he have to mutilate her?

Work and housing conditions worsened, and a significant economic underclass developed. Or was it an entirely different personality within an otherwise normal person in Whitechapel ?

There are patterns as well in the dates and times of the murders.

Psychoanalysis of the Ripper

Some consider this letter to be from the true killer. Jack the Ripper suspects Speculation as to the identity of Jack the Ripper: Are there regular conferences held every year where enthusiasts can discuss the Ripper case in person?


In all likelihood, there was no Royal conspiracy involved in the Jack the Ripper murders. So, you have a chance to conduct your own research in your Jack the Ripper coursework. The Whitehall Mystery and the Pinchin Street case may have been part of a series of murders called the " Thames Mysteries ", committed by a single serial killer dubbed the "Torso killer".

Serials killers are often classified as either psychopaths or sociopaths. One of the examining pathologists, Thomas Bondbelieved this to be a Ripper murder, though his colleague George Bagster Phillipswho had examined the bodies of three previous victims, disagreed. Are You A Ripperologist?

Many people suggest the Ripper was a psychopath because he was smart enough to ensure no clues were left behind, he was never caught and was most likely regarded as charming and gentlemanly in society. It seems probable that the murder was committed elsewhere and that parts of the dismembered body were dispersed for disposal.

The heart was missing. The consensus among modern researchers is that the vast majority of the Ripper letters are hoaxes.

It could probably be a group of people. He was likely to be neat, orderly and from an unstable background. They were locally resident in the East End, and most, if not all of them engaged in prostitution.

Was he afflicted with a mental illness that drove him towards his horrific, violent outbursts towards the prostitutes of 18th century London? The failure of the police to capture the killer reinforced the attitude held by radicals that the police were inept and mismanaged. Lunatics from all corners of London were rounded up and examined, but to no avail.

Was Jack the Ripper a member of the Royal family?This videoconference workshop is designed for those taking the Edexcel GCSE coursework option on Jack the Ripper. to question whether or not they were to blame for not bringing him (or her!) to justice. ‘Jack’ letter, 24 Sept - Jack the Ripper History Coursework 1.

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From source A, a newspaper article, we can learn that Polly Nicholls and Martha Tabram's murders were without reason and they were chosen at random by the killer. We learn mainly that the attack was very violent and that the killer put an excess of effort into the attacks. On this page you will find a series of quizzes concerning the Jack the Ripper crimes.

JACK THE RIPPER AT THE MOVIES. Twelve question about the various movies that have featured the Jack the Ripper story over the years. How much of a film buff are you? Quiz 6. Join The Conversation. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Please select a question from the following list. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to email us.

· Are there regular conferences held every year where enthusiasts can discuss the Ripper case in person? · Was Jack the Ripper real, or was it all a myth? · What is Jack the Ripper's real. The Jack The Ripper murders occurred between August 31st,and November 9th, Although we can't say for certain, it is widely believed that Jack the Ripper.

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Feb 23,  · STUCK ON HISTORY COURSEWORK (Jack the Ripper)? the question is 'Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in ?' this whole term/subject thingy is about Jack the Ripper.

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Jack the ripper coursework question 2
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