Lessons learned from the healthsouth fraud

Are these clever tricks to pump up the numbers, or something that a novice accountant could catch? Combined with this increased pressure of growth was an environment of strange legalism. Anytime a corporate fraud is committed, there needs to be a disregard for moral values in favor of wealth and greed.

Had Scrushy or any of his CFOs thoroughly thought about the long-term implications and consequences for themselves, their company, and the public, the HealthSouth fraud may never have occurred.

Weston Smith, who alerted federal investigators in to the massive accounting fraud perpetrated at health care giant HealthSouth. Speaking to college students has greatly helped me deal with the shame and pain I feel because of my actions and inactions while I was CFO at HealthSouth. Corporate fraud is an ongoing problem in modern American business.

The event will take place 10 a. April Lessons learned from the healthsouth fraud, Author: I truly believe that speaking to students and other business people is important.

Vines identified three specific accounts for the auditors to look at to discover the fraud. Accounting Fraud How did HealthSouth get away with a fraud so big for so long?

Friends and colleagues had encouraged me to write a book, and it was something that I had strongly considered, as this story is larger than any individual. What do you think? How can some hospitals have NO bad debt reserves? The following accounts need to be look at as of HealthSouth executives put their own wealth and well-being before the rights of their shareholders and creditors to have legitimate and trustworthy company financial data.

Scrushy was clearly a CEO with an overbearing presence at the top of his company. I earned a degree in economics at LSU inand I have been an active alumnus ever since. You all can do much more, if all you do is look into it to see if what I say is true.

Utilitarianism states that an ethical decision should maximize benefits to society and minimize harms. Charlotte Observer, 11 June For example, he told one of his CFOs: Christian Lupica Leave a comment Background The s found year-old Richard Scrushy pumping gas in Selma, Alabama, thinking of better opportunities.

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HealthSouth, Inc.: A Case of Corporate Fraud

Write us with your comments. InScrushy was acquitted by a jury on 36 counts related to the HealthSouth fraud. The s saw investors and lenders who were less focused on profitability and more so on revenue. While some of the employees involved may have succumbed to intense pressure from Scrushy or justified their actions by thinking it would only be a one-time occurrence, it is clear that Scrusy and a majority of his executive family were well-aware of the wrong-doing they were participating in.

There were also characteristics of HealthSouth on the structural level which allowed for the accounting fraud to occur. The title of the book has particular meaning for those familiar with the inner workings of HealthSouth. The initial speech was well-received, and I have been invited back to LSU more than a dozen times in the past few years.

Scrushy had complete control over his company; even going as far as to have security cameras installed throughout headquarters to keep watch on his employees. Scrushy kept his entire executive team close and exploited the psychological desire to help those you know over those you do not.

‘Fraud Day’ speakers to present lessons to be learned from corporate fraud cases

I simply told the story of how I met Richard, started HealthSouth, the success HealthSouth became and, of course, how it all went so catastrophically wrong. I spoke to several combined classes of MBAs and senior accounting students.

Late inI called the dean of the business school at Louisiana State University to see if they would consider having me speak to their students. Aaron Beam co-founded HealthSouth Corp. You people have I have been hoodwinked.Nov 24,  · Many lessons can be learned from the accounting scandal at HealthSouth.

Accounting scandals of this scale do not just occur on their own; they require multiple people to orchestrate. When the tone at the top of a company deviates away from any sort of ethical framework, it should be a red flag to other members of the company, to auditors, and to the public that fraud is more likely to occur.

Accounting Fraud at HealthSouth Uploaded by Kevin Barry This paper discusses the accounting fraud which occurred over the course of several years at HealthSouth Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama.5/5(10).

Drawing on his recently published book, HealthSouth: The Wagon to Disaster, Beam recounted lessons learned. The book looks at the meteoric rise and colossal collapse of HealthSouth - from a two-room office, to a global corporation with more than 2, facilities, to the $ billion accounting fraud that landed Beam in prison.

Feb 08,  · HealthSouth co-founder lives lesson about complacency on fraud, ethics By Aaron Beam | February 8, InRichard Scrushy and I founded HealthSouth Corp., Birmingham, Ala., with the help of venture capitalists.

I describe the accounting fraud at HealthSouth in four stages: 1. Accounts Receivable Reserves. 2. Capitalizations and Acquisition Accounting.

3. Mergers and Charges.

4. Rabbits Pulled Out of Hats. It is important to note that the first three stages above stem from proper accounting principles. HealthSouth FRAUD.

Learned the hard way

No description by He Became A Hotshot CEO. He Tried To Be A Country Star. Then It All Came Crashing Down. The Bizarre Rise and Fall of Healthsouth's Richard Scrushy.” Fortune Magazine, July 7, Lessons Learned Conclusion Ending up Behind Bars Fraud is Never the Answer Overview of healthcare industry.

Lessons learned from the healthsouth fraud
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