Malaysia legal system

Malaysia Law Portal The Malaysia Law Portal provides an introductory overview of the history of legal development in Malaysia, major legal concepts, the structure of Malaysian government, the Malaysian judicial and court system, and peculiar characteristic of the response of the Malaysia legal system legal system to development in Malaysia.

Its website focuses more on the corporate profile of the Department. About the Author Salvador Trinxet Llorca is a law writer, professor and lawyer specialized in comparative and international law. The services rendered include security, social development and other social services.

The Asian Encyclopedia of Law provides a survey Malaysia legal system the legal systems of Malaysia legal system all the Asian jurisdictions. Malaysian legal history Adat customary practices and tradition provided Malay law before colonization. The Maritime Department is responsible for the formulation of policies, planning, research, and coordination Malaysia legal system maritime matters including ports development, shipping industry, licensing of domestic shipping and seamen affairs.

The Department of Statistics was established in under the provisions of the Statistics Ordinance and was then known as the Bureau of Statistics. One Stop Malaysia Online Directory: As DCA is a regulatory authority, its main function is to ensure that the aviation service providers conduct their activities in accordance with appropriate regulations.

Looking at the Malaysian legal system as a whole, sharia law plays a relatively small role in defining the laws on the country. Immigration Department of Malaysia: The law or Malaysia may be relevant in a foreign jurisdiction court proceeding involving international transactions.

Some of the departments include legislation administered and enforced by them in their websites: Similarly, the Contracts Act is based on the Indian model. The Knowledge of the Malaysian traditions and its legal institutions allows a good understanding of the Malaysian law, its institutions and processes and sets the Malaysian law and system in a social context.

Prior to the independence inmost of the laws of United Kingdom were imported and either made into local legislation or simply applied as case laws.

The website contains various Customs, duties regulations, guidelines, and procedures for public reference. Sabah and Sarawak[ edit ] After the formation of Malaysia inthe Federal Constitution was amended to include special provisions applicable to the states of Sabah and Sarawak. Article 11 of the Constitution provides that "Every person has the right to profess and practice his religion".

Most of these departments were established during the colonial era. The judges held that they had no jurisdiction on the matter—that it was a matter of the Shariah Court, as indicated in Article 1A of the Constitution. Section 5 of Criminal Procedure Code states that English law shall be applied in cases where no specific legislation has been enacted.

This is a useful site for foreign investors. Malaysian land law is based on the Australian Torrens system. A globally focused guide like this site, including the legal concepts and principles of Asia, cannot avoid taking many culture-specific elements into account.

Statutory and Regulatory Bodies The setting up of a statutory body is governed by law.

Malaysia - Legal System

Human Rights Commission of Malaysia: More than one different legal system has coexisted in Malaysia at various points in the long country history.

The website is a good source of statistical data of Malaysia.

Malaysian Legal System

The Federal Constitution is the supreme law of the land. In addition to the above, there is also a Juvenile Court for offenders below the age of The general reader and students may learn some basic legal concepts and principles of the Malaysian law, to explain how the Malaysian legal system operates, and to provide a sense of how the systems within Malaysia have evolved historically in Malaysia from its origins.

With regards to civil law, the Syariah courts has jurisdiction in personal law matters, for example marriage, inheritanceand apostasy. The Malaysia Portal presents the main areas of its legal system and the wider aspects of how law is made and reformed.

The Portal of Malaysian law provides introductory entries about the background and history of the law of the country. The chief administrator of a public corporation is conferred and empowered to enact rules and regulations and to monitor his governing bodies to ensure smooth administration in accordance with the objectives.

You can check the list of environmental law that is administered by the Department on this website. Their jurisdiction is however limited to imposing fines for an amount not more than RMand imprisonment to not more than 3 years.

MATRAD functions as a focal point for Malaysian exporters and foreign importers as a source for trade related information. Court appeals to Privy Council in England have already been abolished in The application of English law or common law is specified in statutes.

Law of Malaysia

However, Malaysian Bar Council responded by saying that common law is part of Malaysian legal system and that is no basis to replace it. Inthe name Bureau of Statistics was changed to the Department of Statistics, Malaysia operating under the provisions of the Statistics Act Revised Usually the functions of a department are related to certain policy determined by the Government.Wu Min Aun (), The Malaysian Legal System (3rd ed.), Longman -Pearson Malaysia Sdn.

Bhd., Petaling Jaya, p. The term “sources of law” has several meanings: Historical sources indicating the factors that have been influential in the development of the law but by themselves not recognised as law.

Legal System Of Malaysia. There are various definitions of the term 'legal system'. A Legal System is the framework of rules and institutions within a nation regulating individual's relations with one another and between them and the government.

The law of Malaysia is mainly based on the common law legal system. This was a direct result of the colonisation of Malaya, Sarawak, and North Borneo by Britain between the early 19th century to s.

The supreme law of the land—the Constitution of Malaysia—sets out the legal framework and rights of Malaysian citizens. The legal system of Malaysia is based upon the English common law.

However, before the arrival of the British inclassical Islamic law was one of the main legal sources of the country. Islam had arrived in Malaysia by around The legal system of Malaysia was modeled after the English legal system which practices parliamentary democracy and is ruled by a Constitutional Monarchy, with His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (the King) presiding ceremonially as the Head of the country.

The Malaysian Legal System is largely based on the British Common Law system as a result of the colonization of the country by the British in the 19th century to the s. The law system is known as The Constitution of Malaysia which lays down the legal framework to protect the citizens of the country.

Malaysia legal system
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