Neat handwriting awards

The Cassowary is related to the ostritch; grows as tall as a man and has a blue head and black body. Tic Tac Toe This game is for 2 players or you can divide your class into 2 teams. Mrs Raistrick was very proud of all the dancers.

Fin, for being a wonderful member of 5H, who will be sorely missed by all: After we had finished our matches we cheered on the B team.

Neat Handwriting Certificates

Eleanor loves playing her violin. Congratulations to Sam P, Year 3, who has recently gained 8th Kup, and is now learning moves for his next belt.

Again the class is divided into two groups. David B, for amazing independent English learning: The teacher then alternates the teams who get to answer the question first.

The first the game we played was against St. Alfie L, for his incredible independence in learning: This was great fun.

Neat Handwriting Award Certificate Set

Jasmine S, for making a real effort with her listening and focus in lessons and Sofia N for being a fantastic role model in listening all year. Tomiwa Talabi for producing superb poetry based on calligrams. They all had a good time and really enjoyed the matches.

The first player or team to get three in a row wins! The teacher takes turns giving each group a question. Put a trashcan against a wall. We were through to the semi-final play off. In the last over Joe hit the wickets 3 times in a row, we won the game and finished in 5th place overall.ST.



It has been lovely to welcome the children and yourselves back to school after the Summer break. Ben Harrison Writing an interesting description of the Gruffalo. Ben always has great ideas to share with the class.

Handwriting Award Certificate

Harry Goonan Being actively involved in all our learning experiences. Harry always presents his work neatly. Great Penmanship Award Printable Certificate Keywords children's certificates, printable certificates, printable awards, free certificates, printable awards, online. Print this page for 4 copies of "Neat Writer's Reward Charts".

Perfect for a student's desk or pencil case. Earn 8 checks and they can have their reward! Reward your students' neat handwriting skills with these handwriting awards. Enclosed you will find four full page certificates in both color and black and white.

This is part of a pack of handwriting certificates that can be found in my store. Rushcroft Primary School.

Handwriting Hero Certificate

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Neat handwriting awards
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