Pest analysis for telecommunication industry in malaysia

Malaysia - Telecoms Infrastructure, Operators, Regulations - Statistics and Analyses

Inflation Inflation in Malaysia is generally kept very low. The challenges that an operator faces are connected to its ability and competency in adapting to and managing these inevitable changes and, subsequently, maintaining a competitive edge over its competitors.

Social Factors Some of the major social forces which have affected the telecom segment New Zealand are those associated with safety and effectiveness Malerba and Orsenigo, Each of these states has an assembly and government headed by a chief minister.

The Constitution came into force on August 27, Malaysia has a well-developed telecom infrastructure. DiGi Communications In the Malaysian perspective DiGi is the leading mobile communication company providing a comprehensive range of affordable convenient and easy to use wireless service to simplify and enrich the lives of its customers.

In yearDiGi is the first digital cellular network to be operational in Sabah and Sarawak. The bidding process was then cancelled by government due to certain requirements and specifications were not included by MCMC into the bid papers.

There have been some problems between the groups but in the big picture, Malaysia has succeeded in avoiding bigger conflicts. There are 13 states and three federal territories which are Kuala Lumpur, Labuan Island and the Putrajaya federal administrative territory.

Abdullah bin Ahmad Badawi has been the Prime Minister since 31 October chosen from the lower house of parliament. This is an opportunity and change that help this three telecommunication companies to make, even the economic is not good, but using mobile phone become a trend.


The Malaysian government has a very active privatization program. In the cellular sector, it squares off against Maxis Mobile and DiGi.

Because of slow growth in the mobile segment, suppliers are likely to put their efforts into promoting new services, rather than attracting new subscribers.

PEST ANALYSIS OF MALAYSIA. The Multiple Racial Country

The industry has been streamlined into a comfortable 3-player market, all of them financially strong enough to continue introducing attractively priced packages in order to 8 enerate further demand.

Moreover, other threats faced by Telecom corporation are cheaper technology, economic slowdown, external variations including government, taxes, etcchanges in exchange rate, threat posed by competitors and price wars. One of the most significant driving forces of the Malaysian economy today is the expansion in domestic demand, largely due to the private sector, a key player since Maxis stated that it expects conventional short message service SMS operations to continue to provide the bulk of its revenue until The penetration of fixed lines in Malaysia continues to fall as the mobile segment continues to expand and dominate the market, especially the mobile broadband segment.

Moreover, other weaknesses related to Telecom Corporation New Zealand in particular are diseconomies to scale, low market share and lack of diversification. As the market has only really just opened up to overseas investors, now is the best time to enter the market.

The telecommunications industry is, by far, one of the more dynamic ones where technological advancements sow the seeds for faster connectivity and greater efficiency within the system.

Until the 20th century, most practiced traditional beliefs, but since then, many have become Christian or Muslim.

Pest: Mobile Phone and Malaysia

InMaxis purchased Timecel, a rival mobile service provider, from Time dotcom 3 Berhad. You should conclude whether this is a good industry to compete in and whether the company is in a good position. The number of mobile-phone subscribers overtook fixed-line subscribers in Even though the freedom of speech and the political freedom have limitations, for which the government is criticized both internationally and domestically, the country is still one of the most open-minded in the region, both politically and economically.

The Chinese are ethnically homogeneous, but less so in terms of language and religion. Before then, the game was only available on a limited basis on the Commodore 64 due to few publishers showing any interest in porting it.PEST analysis of Malaysia refers to the analysis of its • Political One area of Malaysia’s telecommunications industry that has been prospering is the wireless phone market; Malaysians cellular penetration rate is about 6% - or about 1 million users, one of the highest in the region.

two Global System for Mobile telecommunication. PEST analysis of Telecommunication Industry in Malaysia: Political Factors The political development has been characterized by the relationship between the three main ethical groups.

There have been some problems between the groups but in the big picture, Malaysia has succeeded in avoiding bigger conflicts. The purpose of this report is to conduct a critical analysis of major players in Malaysian telecommunication industry; Maxis Mobile Sdn.

Bhd. A PEST analysis is part of the external analysis that is carried out when doing market research, and gives an idea of the macroenvironmental factors that a company needs to keep in consideration.

PEST Analysis of Pakistan Telecommunication Sector:5/5(4). PESTEL Analysis of Malaysian Telecommunication Industry Malaysia’s telecommunication industry is being administered and managed by the Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications (MEWC) of Malaysia which serves as a policy formulator and service regulator for the communication sector.5/5(13).

Pestle analysis on malaysia 1. PESTLE analysis Malaysia 2. PESTLE analysis PEST analysis (Political, Economic, Social and Technological analysis) describes a framework of macro-environmental factors used in the environmental .

Pest analysis for telecommunication industry in malaysia
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