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As the Middle Ages came to a close new ideas in medicine that challenged the traditional ones began to emerge. Hospitals can be dated back as early as ancient Greece. The plague also changed family structures because people did not take children as an essential part of them, therefore, not worth the trouble.

Most hospitals of the middle ages were products of the Christian churches and their principles of charity.

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This affected the economy because it killed may people who could contribute towards the betterment of the economy. Their ultimate objective was to restore equilibrium of the humors to the sick patient. There were countless methods of examinations, each explaining how a detailed diagnoses of all types of illnesses could be determined from the color and the odor of the urine and from the layers of sediment in the collecting flasks.

Europe would have accumulated taxes from the people who died. The demand for agricultural and industrial workers enabled the survivors has a new bargaining power. For its alleviation, bloodletting was the main treatment.

This would have helped the continent start projects that would have increased its economy. The plague reduced the birth rate in Europe. Cloudiness in the upper layer of the collecting flask indicated that the origin of illness was in the head, and lower level layers of cloudiness indicated declining conditions of the bladder or genital organs.

Doctors and nurses there could do little more than comfort patients before they died Porter 7. In many cases the Apothecary would actually prescribe drugs and give treatment to a sick patient.

Blood was associated with the heart, and air. Many people travelled from the rural areas to the urban areas. These new groups did not receive their training from universities, but from a hierarchy of apprenticeships regulated by guilds. At the highest point of this growth, there were over two hundred hospitals in England and Scotland and more than two thousand hospitals in France Margotta Unfortunately, medical knowledge of that day was of very little help Margotta By the end of the Medieval period, the barber surgeons had a distinguished place in society and were very well established most because of the significantly lower rates they charged than the doctors Gottfreid Margotta Each of the four humors was associated with a specific body part and certain elemental qualities.

It killed many people and reduced the number of people in Europe. The Middle Ages saw the founding of hundreds of hospitals throughout Europe and in the lands influenced by the Crusades. Key areas of the economy in Europe such as, production agriculture, manufacturing, technology and industry could have improved considerably if the Black Death could not occurr.

Medicine of that era was strongly influenced by superstition and the doctrine of the Christian church, and did not have much foundation for practical application.

Bloodletting was very common Margotta Apothecaries were the pharmacists of the day; however, their role in medicine extended further than simply the filling of prescribed drugs.

Doctors believed diseases could be caused by excessive amounts of body fluids. The effects of the plague helped to bring up towns and cities.

Most hospitals of the middle ages were established and operated by the church. Detailed directions were given regarding the most favorable days and hours for bloodletting, the correct veins to be tapped, the amount of blood to be taken, and the number of bleedings required.

As a result, many great hospitals were born. The plague acted as a natural population control method.Life in the Medieval Era Essay; Life in the Medieval Era Essay.

During the Middle Ages a peasant’s life was, indeed, very rough, there were anywhere from ten to sixty families living in a single village; they lived in rough huts on dirt floors, with no chimneys, or windows.

often times depending on how severe the crime was. I will. Medieval Times Essays: OverMedieval Times Essays, Medieval Times Term Papers, Medieval Times Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Roles of Medieval Women During medieval times, women were known as inferior to men.

They were treated as objects instead of people. Even though the roles for the Woman’s Roles Essay The Victorian Age is known today as a period of history in which a women’s role was extremely limited and discriminative.

It consisted of a stereotypical. Characteristics of Western Europe During Medieval Times Essay - During medieval times Western Europe was a very intriguing place, filled with governments like the Franks, religions like Catholicism, and many many wars. There were six main characteristics of Western Europe during the medieval times, and they were war, pestilence, religion.

During the medieval times, social classes functioned actively. The kings occupied the highest social class, followed by the lords and the peasants occupied the lowest social class.

Medieval peasants suffered so much because they languished in poverty often depending on the lords for their income and money for existence.

Medieval Times

Medicine of that era was strongly influenced by superstition and the doctrine of the Christian church, and did not have much foundation for practical application. The need for medicine in Middle Ages was certainly great, considering the extreme amounts of plague and disease prevalent during that time (Grigsby 2).

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