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A woman, a good woman, who quietly and unobtrusively shaped her own life and those around her. This census shows that He wa This is an utterly delightful book. Discuss how you think it feels to be a minority in a similar situation. This is after the Civil War. I had father figures around me, such as scout leaders and church fathers, but apparently they did not have enough influence on me to make it so I was not angry at home.

What did she make of her life? That is far from true. Now you are neither snake nor dragon. The beauty of the telling is that the story is told simply, without fuss, without exaggeration. How do the two relationships differ? Who did she come to be? Lalu is first sold to a brothel and then to a slave merchant bound for America, before being auctioned to a saloonkeeper, and finally offered as a prize in a poker game.

From having a better education to getting incarcerated all depends on whether a child has a figure he or she can look up to, depend on, and learn from.

We are looking at a strong woman who valued freedom. It was the era of the Gold Rush. Lalu is told by Charlie that a Chinese person in America cannot own land. Her father calls his thirteen-year-old daughter his "thousand pieces of gold," but when famine strikes northern China inhe is forced to sell her.

What happens next is the central part of the book. This was her America. This book will make you happy. Besides her decision to not have children, in what other ways does Lalu show that she is aware of these limitations?

The reason being that I had no father figure in my home, or so he said. When I was younger my mother and grandmother were worried about why I was so angry and resentful in our home. Her intonations reflect men, women and children equally well. This guide was made possible by a grant from The John D.

Who will marry you? A former teacher, she currently resides in San Francisco and lectures extensively at universities and community organizations. Do you think the author presents a realistic portrait of race relations in a small, yet polarized American community?

Reader Response Thousand Pieces of Gold Part III and IV Essay

How about the role of women in a largely male community? Fast-paced and entertaining-packed with adventure, drama, and inspiration.

A Thousand Pieces of Gold

Love and happiness and regrets. This is a biographical novel about the Chinese woman Lalu Nathoysold to bandits by her beloved father for the mere sum of two bags of seeds. Without shrieks and exclamations. The narration by Emily Zeller was very well done.WHAT A STORY!

Ruthane Lum McCunn's, THOSAND PIECES OF GOLD, is a heartwarming story that once read, can't be put down again.

Ruthanne Lum McCunn, author

This novel draws the reader into the life of a woman's struggle to fight for respect and freedom for her own life. Thousand Pieces of Gold () Genre: Historical Western/Romance Another long time reader who read romance novels in her teens, then took a long break before started back again about 15 years ago.

I will admit to some disappointment that the review garnered so little response as I was sure more people would have seen it by then. Information on Ruthanne Lum McCunn, her books, their translations, and dramatic adaptations for stage and screen. Thousand Pieces of Gold. Sole Survivor.

Chinese American Portraits. Pie-Biter. Additional Information; Chinese Yankeegives the reader history that speaks to the heart with the aches of struggle. Thousand Pieces of Gold has 1, ratings and reviews.

Chrissie said: This is an utterly delightful book.

Thousand Pieces of Gold

I recommend it. You need different books /5.

Reader Response

Teachers' Guide: Thousand Pieces of Gold This guide was made possible by a grant from The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Introduction Thousand Pieces of Gold tells the extraordinary story of Lalu Nathoy, later known as Polly Bemis. Her father calls his thirteen-year-old daughter his "thousand pieces of gold," but when famine.

She was so desirable that men paid a thousand pieces of gold just to spend one night with her. One day she met the Buddha while he was staying in the city, and upon hearing his words she quit her profession and became a lay disciple.

Reader response thousand pieces of gold
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