Report to wordsworth by boey kim cheng

The cry symbolises the Flood. Nevertheless, their meaning is different in each poem. It is a hopeful tone; and even if it is winter time, nature is still there, like poetry, they will never end. Cheng imagines writing a letter to Wordsworth an English poet, nature sensitive who grew up in a rural area constantly in contact with nature.

To make the poem effective, Cheng uses a variety of poetic devices. Poetry and Pity, religion, have been for centuries the only way to educate people and if they fail, all humanity is condemned to self-destruction.

The foolish arrogance and ignorance lead people to mis-use of power, leading to destruction of nature around us. The blame is put on human beings, and their thirst of technology and innovations.

Although they talk about Nature, the meaning is completly the opposite. Innocent animals being harmed, forests cut down, water polluted and the food chain interrupted.

Smothered by the smog. Here, Boey conveys several messages at once. Explore how Report to Wordsworth by Boey Kim Cheng powerfully conveys feelings about human destruction of the natural world. This poem is about the cycle of life, how it never ends, and how it is constantly moving on.

Cheng wrote the poem in order to complain and, in a pacific way, by poetry denounce an injustice he was seeing and experiencing. Nature is described with a capital N, this adds importance as only proper noun are written with a capital letter.

A whale is a docile animal and people have huge sympathy for it. So, Nature, in this poem, conveys hope and security; like Poetry, they will always remain immortal.

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In his poem, Cheng is evoking Wordsworth, a famous writer who, during the Industrial Revolution, wrote a poem, in which he denounced the changes the society was living as if it was a horrible, shameless change.

Boey Kim Cheng refers directly to Wordsworth: The image of birds also evokes sounds, as birds are associated with their songs, which are now being replaced by the noise-pollution in cities. With his death comes the end of a reign.

He believes in Nature and in its never-ending cycle. In fact, his horns are: It is significant because Neptune is the King of the Seas and so if he is forced on his knees by human pollution, all hopes vanish.

It is almost as if nature has been personified and brought to life. Another important aspect that poems cover is the water. He criticises these losses, and conveys a feeling of regret. This metaphor is effective in creating meaning and tragedy as music is poetically linked to a positive aspect of life; by destroying music, symbol for life, man is destroying everything which is good in our world.In Boey Kim Cheng's poem to Wordsworth, he begins by saying in the first line, "You should be here, Nature has need of you".Then in the next few lines he describes some of the environmental problems in our comtemporary world, like pollution, smog, flowers that cannot function, few birds and a.

Report to Wordsworth- Boey Kim Cheng. Report to Wordsworth- Boey Kim Cheng In this poem the 20th century poet Cheng refers to the 19th century poet Wordsworth who referred to the 17th century poet Milton.

Report to Wordsworth by Boey Kim Cheng.

So he is thereby indirectly referring to Milton and there is a Consistency of style. The poem Report to Wordsworth by Boey Kim Cheng is particularly effective in conveying the human destruction and the deterioration of planet Earth. Cheng imagines writing a letter to Wordsworth an English poet, nature sensitive who grew up in a rural area constantly in contact with nature.

Get an answer for 'Write a critical note on "Report to Wordsworth" by Boey Kim Cheng.' and find homework help for other William Wordsworth questions at eNotes. By: Boey Kim Cheng 'Report to Wordsworth' Cheng was disgraced at the environmental situation in Singapore so much that he felt compelled to write 'Report to Wordsworth'.

Feb 17,  · Comparisons can be made between Boey’s ‘Report to Wordsworth’ and Clarke’s ‘Lament.’ Both poems deal with destroy of nature by human and it gives negative emotions to the reader.

The two poems, ’Lament’ and ‘Report to Wordsworth’ convey the death of nature using images like ‘shadow’ and ‘dying clock’ as a comparisons.

Report to wordsworth by boey kim cheng
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