Review of the boogie woogie christmas show

Despite the fact that it was presented by a professional dance company, this was not a professional performance, but rather a recital for the students of the School of CBD, with a storyline and some professional dancers thrown in.

However rough the choreography and production elements were, the professional dancers performed well. Fuentes was engaging and energetic as Bob Cratchit.

The next morning he wakes up deeply effected by the visions of the night and thankful that he gets a chance to change his life. All of the dancers executed the swing numbers with excitement and energy.


The story ends with a lively swing dance. He was first presented as hunched over and somewhat physically incapacitated, but as the dance progressed he performed lifts, leaps, turns and other athletic movements. That night he is visited by the Ghost of Jacob Marley Brynt Beitman who warns him of impending visitors—the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, all of whom take him on an eye-opening journey through space and time.

The strongest male performance came from Brynt Beitman as a convincing Jacob Marley. The blend of swing moves, gestures, and ballet vocabulary within each movement sequence was not always smooth.

He makes his way through town giving money to people he meets, reconciling with his family, and making amends with Bob Cratchit. The nontraditional partnering and stunts performed by DekaDance were interesting and most in the audience probably would have had little exposure to that kind of movement, but the transitions between the lifts were sometimes awkward and the choreography lacked energy.

She also works with non-profit organizations to provide dance education outreach. As Scrooge, McGee danced his part nicely.

Boogie woogie dancing - Puerto de Malaga

Parts of the choreography were choppy as well. Either of the two character types would have worked, as long as the choreography was consistent. The music ranged from contemporary classical to big band swing to hard rock.

The performance had more random dance sequences than a Marius Petipa ballet. While a variety of music can be interesting in contemporary dance, the juxtaposition of the selections was confusing. Rhys Livingston Loggins and Jeana Rebers Mosher performed a touching duet as a starving and shivering homeless couple.

The transitions between scenes were abrupt and unpolished, due to the number of blackouts and the music editing.Review: Boogie Woogie Christmas Carol | Contemporary Ballet Dallas | McFarlin Auditorium Christmas Overload There's too much going on in Boogie Woogie Christmas Carol, the annual holiday show from.

Sep 29,  · Boogie Woogie-Great Cast, Great Film 20 October | by carolineannestubbs – See all my reviews Boogie Woogie is a refreshing look at a subject which has hereto been dealt with in a clichéd and stilted way/10(K). Dec 20,  · Willow Osborne Performs Santa Claus Is Comin' (In A Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train) at The Country Tonite Theatre Christmas Show Boogie Woogie Christmas Card.

by Jimmy Maddox | Read Reviews. CD. Boogie Woogie Santa Claus; Little Drummer Boy; Go Tell It on the Mountain; Show More. Album Credits Performance Credits Jimmy Maddox Primary Artist.

Customer Reviews. Average Review. Write a Review. Share This Item. Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Google Plus; Price: $ Review: Boogie Woogie Christmas Carol | Contemporary Ballet Dallas | McFarlin Auditorium At the Bah-let Its Boogie Woogie Christmas Carol, presented Saturday at Southern Methodist University.

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Review of the boogie woogie christmas show
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