Shelf life of innocent smoothies brand

It is assumed by customers that a higher price equals better quality. Suppliers puree the fruit and freeze it in the country of origin. But by using state-of-the-art software from US firm Oracle, it has developed what operations manager Steve Spall - a veteran of major superstores, including UK giant Tesco - describes as the most comprehensive and sophisticated forecasting operation he has ever seen.

Instagram has been crucial to growth, with reality TV stars from Shelf life of innocent smoothies brand In Chelsea posting pictures of Presscription products, driving up sales. Conclusion For Innocent to remain competitive with current smoothie companies and to expand successfully it is important for them to develop new products and diversify into new markets.

But if someone is showing that it can be done - and he believes that it can - then that can only be a good thing.

How long do smoothies and juices last?

In a tough trading environment, it is yet to return to profit. They can afford to keep their prices down as ingredients are cheaper and it is assumed that more people will be buying the product both are sold in most shops and stores.

By using geodemographics Innocent will be able to monitor each area that its products are sold in terms of catchment, shopper profiles and competitive effects. We lost money in ; we lost money in ; we lost money in and we are going to lose money again in The product will then be marketed differently through a number of channels to specific groups of consumers.

In the smoothie market quality can be categorised in terms of the amount of fruit evident in the drink. Minute Maid has an expiry of 6 months which again reflects the importance of this attribute. If you believe Innocent Drinks founder, Richard Reed, nothing but good.

Having witnessed the decline of juice bars, this start-up operates online, delivering orders to homes and offices in London and beyond, and is also rolling out juice carts, which will patrol high footfall areas and shopping centres in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Consumers use smoothies to meet this daily requirement. Meanwhile, the company has turned some of its biggest problems into assets. The company has a fun and informal feel which is reflected in the design and packaging of their products, all bottles are eco-friendly.

The majority of this cost goes towards producing the drink rather than packaging which many other smoothie companies do not produce. The distribution channels must also be outlets that the target consumer market would go to. The image is already one of high quality and excellence so this should be portrayed to engage potential customers.

Plenish, which was founded by New Yorker Kara Rosen four years ago, is also doing well, growing by an average of pc each year since inception. Founded in by Reed and two of his friends from Cambridge University, Adam Balon and Jon Wright, the trio were in their mids, and already bored by the corporate grind, when they revisited the idea of starting up their own company.

Keeping those principles while growing the business has been a learning experience for the Innocent co-founders, who have watched the company expand from three people in to today. It also promised, unlike other potential suitors, to remain a hands-off investor, and agreed to a contractual stipulation that it would not interfere with the way the business was run.

At present the products are supplied in middle to upper market cafes and coffee shops mostly found in urban areas. The company, which was founded by Guka Tavberidze ingrew pc over the last 52 weeks, according to new data from ICI. Until recently Minute Maid was the juice used by the fast food outlet McDonalds as part of their meal deals to appeal to a wider market and promote wellbeing.

Who will win the juice wars? This may mean fewer sales when the launch is made. A, and Wensley, R. I would advise Innocent to not change the price of their product for a number of reasons. Of those who have drunk them, 81pc would recommend them. This product can also be in conjunction with family size bottles of the smoothies.

So what does Innocent have to say? The chef, who trained in the Army, set up the business two years ago. So from the beginning there was always a sense that of course Innocent is a business and it absolutely will need to grow and to make a profit. Minute Maid owned by PepsiCo and Just Juice serve the bottom end of the market in terms of price and are targeted at the masses rather than a niche market.

In order to dominate and ensure growth Innocent must use promotional activity to strengthen the brand image and create awareness.

Coca-Cola owns 60pc of the smoothie market, by value Credit: Perceptual Mapping Perceptual mapping is a strategic management tool used by companies to communicate the correlation between marketplace competitors and the criteria used by consumers when making purchase decisions.

This is not only because the smoothie is consumed as a drink but also as a healthy alternative to a light snack. Innocent would produce natural drinks, using sustainable ingredients, packaging and production methods, and would share the profit wherever possible, donating 10 per cent of its profits to charity.

But then Innocent has never really been a conventional sort of business. This was a strategic move for Minute Maid in terms of competition as McDonalds is a global brand, however, as there was nothing unique about the product and no emphasis on quality it did not inspire customer loyalty.There were some Innocent Smoothies for kids (6 pack), going for £ I think, on buy one get one free, at Tesco a few weeks ago.

innocent smoothies: Europe’s favourite smoothie brand considers expanding into the Russian soft drinks market Richard, Jon and Adam, the three co- founders of innocent were sitting in the board room at innocent’s headquarters Fruit Towers discussing the international expansion they could achieve thanks to the injection of cash from and global experience of the Coca Cola Company.

How long do smoothies and juices last? Aziah Raw Newbie. in Food Preparation. According to Victoria Boutenko, author of “Green for Life”. Storage of Green Smoothies.

While fresh is best, green smoothies will keep in cool temperatures for up to three days. Innocent admits its smoothies are pasteurised - albeit gently: the bods say it uses the same process that farmers use on milk, and that it's designed to kill bugs.

Innocent Smoothies Marketing

They says it doesn't affect the smoothie's nutritional properties or its taste. And, let's be honest, if it adds five days' shelf-life, it's a bonus. It has also just launched a smoothie range, which, says Gibb, outsells the Innocent smoothie range during Tesco promotions and is helping to anchor the brand.

"Because of the quality of the product, we hope we change customers’ loyalty," he says. Innocent was once ranked as "the UK's best smoothie" by BBC(Brown and Grayson,p.7).

The company's blog and the monthly column in the Guardian served as advertisements. Innocent's high rate of sale with a premium price also reflected its strong relationship with the distribution outlets.

Shelf life of innocent smoothies brand
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