The practicality of earning a degree through distance learning essay

University of West Georgia. As a result, "the university of the future will be a mixed mode university and distance education will be a prominent if not the fundamental element in it.

Can the Course be Taught Online? They should always be lead by the virtue of listening; collecting appropriate data, analyzing it correctly and by the norms and intellectual standards of nursing gives a correct decision.

Distance Education Essay

Does an applicant have the self-discipline to complete and upload coursework in a timely manner? But one trend is alarming in the system.

The answer could all depend on a variety of factors, including: It is also beneficial for people over 25 who mostly have a full time job and can study after it. One is exposed to extra experience from different broad-minded people.

But at present this correspondence method has taken a unique place. Programs that are more applicable to the online environment include disciplines that consist primarily of reading comprehension and problem-solving skills, such as literature, math, history, science, information technologyand business.

In addition, one must have a problem and using the experience acquired, action is taken towards getting the solution.

Distance Learning Pros and Cons

Five things to consider about online courses For people who are new to the concept of distance learning, one question immediately springs to mind: Students join different clubs and student unions at the colleges, and participate in debates, games and sports. While critics initially charged that Net-based learning was vastly inferior to traditional classroom settings, some now wonder if traditional education will survive as the transformational possibilities of Net-based learning, teaching and developing course content are fully realized.

Students can have a great learning experience in an online school, but students may not get a chance to fully…… [Read More] Teachers will have to adapt to the new role of the student on the Net.

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Distance learning is preferred by females especially Indian, as they have time restriction and strict rules or simply would like to stay close to home.

In addition, the structure and presentation of required, basic course material are more goal-oriented and motivating to meet the needs of students. It is a boon for those students who really want to pursue their education but they have no time to attend regular classes.

Most of the information is learnt from the environment we are in. In some cases, online-learning institutes charge a flat tuition rate for students everywhere, whereas local two and four-year colleges could offer lower rates for in-state students.

The information of those things that seem not to clear can be gotten from different clinical materials. The key to effective distance education is focusing on the needs of the learners, the requirements of the content and the constraints faced by the teacher, before selecting a delivery system.

Before settling on an online education, one should also read up on whether a given program includes compulsories such as on-site exams, internships, or supervised training hours. As a result distance education system is getting popularity day by day and now it has been a popular mode of learning not only for the formal courses but for professional courses too.

The electronic media, new electronic equipment, teleconferencing facility, etc. The Theory of Critical Thinking of Nursing. Hello I, You answered all the sections of the guidelines for this paper.

In a hospital setting, there are always hustle and bustles. The process of approaching such an issue requires systematic skills and experience for appropriate decision-making.

According to Peters"Although distance education and Net-based learning will significantly impact university learning, the traditional university will not be lost because it provides experiences that are unavailable to the distance learning student.

The consequences of wrong prescription or treatment may lead to permanent personal damage or death. In the mean time, a possible way to ease doubts among skeptical employers is to back up an online degree with a competency test from an accredited university.

But with the progress of science electronic media, new electronic equipment, the situation has been changed. Students can have a great learning experience in an online school, but students may not get a chance to fully immerse themselves the culture of the college they are attending. For a decision to be arrived in the nursing field one has to probe thoroughly and critically examine the information gotten before making the final decision.

For the disabled and those who lack sufficient means of transportation, the option to learn online makes it far easier to earn credits toward postsecondary degrees.

Comparative Essay Distance Online Education vs. On Campus Education

With chemistry, for instance, a typical course will include lab time where students mix chemicals in beakers; such activities cannot be approximated over the Internet. Appropriate reasoning is required in nursing to ensure that required action in treatment is taken. Therefore, practicing intellectual traits and admitting when you go wrong will make you go miles away as far as decision-making is concerned.That year, an analysis of 45 different studies on the topic by the U.S.

Department of Education found that degrees earned through online classes generate the same levels of skill and competency as degrees earned through on-site classes (Means et al.) Furthermore, students who earned degrees through a combination of campus and distance learning 5/5(1).

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Tuesday, April 15th, Distance Learning Pros and Cons. The time and energy saved through distance education can be astronomical. allows you to continue your full or part-time work schedule or even look after a family or other commitments while you earn a degree.

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And the modern students have accepted this new mode without hesitation due to its various advantages the contribution of TV programmes regarding distance education. In other words, distance education makes it possible to receive an education without devoting one’s full time to it.

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Again, this describes many Axia students who work full time or have busy family responsibilities, yet can take courses at their own pace and gradually earn their degrees over time.

The practicality of earning a degree through distance learning essay
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